Graffiti Challenge

The City of my Dreams

nickson jeremiah


The City of my Dreams

Name: Artist/Group

Nickson Jeremiah

Describe your idea (200 Words)

Everyone dreams of a city they all want to live in, a city where buildings are well planned, the sewage system well treated and a city full of trees where we can forever feel connected to Nature.This can be possible if our communities come together and focus on creating a better city of of dream. My Illustration features a girl(the dreamer) holding the city of her dreams, a green city full of trees, clean water and a well planned city where she can call home thus she is calling upon the community to join hands in bringing her dreams to reality.

Project Tagline

If we can dream of it we can make a better city together


  • ISACK AMINI13th, August 2018

    Powerful art idea.