Graffiti Challenge

The Triumph of Jangwani.

Dereck Ronald


The Triumph of Jangwani.

Name: Artist/Group

Dereck Ronald

Describe your idea (200 Words)

This art portrays unsustainable living condition around Jangwani area. Its theme will be safe shelter which also covers drainage systems. .Information data as gathered from NEMC (2012) stressed that only 500 people had land ownership copyright, whilst NBS (2012 censu) show jangwan have 20,098 residents. The rest, have no land ownership copyright this result to poor residence pattern arrangement. Floods emerged as pattern of apartment block the drainage system. This art work targeted Jangwani residents, the stake holders will be the Government, NGO's and Jangwani community. The artist agenda is, to portray how the resilience Dar es salaam will look like especially Jangwani area. It show the current state of jangwan at left and the expected resilience condition at right part. And will be drawn to a place estimated 250,000 individuals pass by per day. The artist call is, creation of better residence with quality infrastructure. The artist thought of future generation, to make Jangwani sustainable without compromising future generation existence.

Project Tagline

My Wall talks when its not blank


  • ISACK AMINI13th, August 2018

    Very nice sketch idea.