Graffiti Challenge

TWENZETU!! (come along)

andrew stephen


TWENZETU!! (come along)

Name: Artist/Group

Andrew Stephen

Describe your idea (200 Words)

Dar es salaam is a fast growing city with a population of more than 4.3 million residents. The city is covered by 80% of unplanned settlements which lack proper infrastructure,sewage systems, security and recreational spaces. Growing up in Kawe one of the unplanned areas has been a challenge in my growth as a creative, student and a child. I lost pride over my own home. ''TWENZETU, Dar es salaam ni sisi'' which translates to “come along, we are the Dar es salaam” Is a call out the youth to take initiate in creating a better Dar through their talents,education and by being responsible and true patriots to our city, My graffiti mural carries the message of hope (this is seen in the rainbow colors) the left side show the current environment and the right side shows how dar is supposed to look like, But to reach there is only if we all become responsible by educating and taking necessary actions to make our environment better. I welcome the government, NGOs, international organisations, local individuals and my fellow creatives to join forces and make a change.

Project Tagline

Dar es salaam ni sisi.


  • ISACK AMINI13th, August 2018

    Very creative ......i love your vision.