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Ugly Beauty

Ngollo Mlengeya


Ugly Beauty

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Ngollo Mlengeya

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Wetlands are meant to play major roles in the environment. Some being stabilizing of shorelines, a habitat for plants and animals, water purification and act as flood control. These roles are barely recognized in the Jangwani area because of human activities which interfere with the natural flow of the environment. This can be proven so by continuous flooding, a lot of litter and intense soil erosion. To improve the area, it must first be cleaned; the waterways deepened and control erosion by the use of Coir logs. Coir logs are the product of coconut husks. They are logs filled with coir fiber covered by coir mesh netting. These logs are to be placed around the boarder of the wetland. Then the small areas between the coir logs and the land are filled with soil in which seedlings are planted. These will prevent soil erosion which in turn makes the depth of the wetland stay deep to allow marine life and more water storage. Jangwani Area is now seen as a dirty and dangerous place but it should not be that way. Let us revive its beauty for us and generations to come.

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Revive Beauty Jangwani


  • ISACK AMINI13th, August 2018

    great work brother. I like your idea.