Graffiti Challenge

Clean is safety

gloria mmbaga


Clean is safety

Name: Artist/Group

Gloria E Mmbaga

Describe your idea (200 Words)

My agenda focuses on a clean and safe environment in Dar es Salaam. Information sources such as newspapers, forums and media show that among major problems in risky cities is poor waste disposal hence leading to blockage of main way channeling water to the ocean due to emerged unplanned human activities. These activities are not accompanied by proper waste disposal hence leading to disposing excessive waste along drainage systems and surroundings leading to unclean and unsafe environment. My target is the Dar es Salaam population; stake holders being artisans, businessmen, government, NGO's, International Institutions, students and residents. I think all people should be educated on the importance of tidy environment and to have cleanliness culture. Moreover, there has to be strict cleanliness coordination from the individual level to the whole nation. Cleanliness gives me a good feeling. I think being tidy is a better way to live healthier. I care for the city cleanliness because I'm a victim and I hate to see people suffer.

Project Tagline

Go clean. Go safe.